PMI-CNC S-Type 5-Axis Profile Machining Center

The PMI-CNC S-Type 5-Axis Profile Machining Center is built and designed to mill, drill, tap, and saw-cut aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.  (copper, brass, plastics).  

Standard Features & Equipment:

  • X-axis working lengths 11.5 ft to 24.6 ft (3.5m to 7.5m).
  • Y-axis Travel 27.55 Inches (700mm) – 15.75 Inches (400mm) in 4-axis and 7.87 Inches (200mm) in 4-axis
  • Z-Axis Travel 14 Inches (350mm)
  • A-Axis (4-axis machining) +/- 120 degree rotation of the spindle
  • C-Axis (5-Axis machining) +/- 220 degree movement of the spindle
  • Spindle Speed 20,000 RPM
  • Spindle Motor 10 HP
  • Tool Holder HSK 63
  • Automatic Tool Changer – 12Tool Capacity
  • Saw Blade Attachment – 16 Inch Diameter Saw Blade
  • Equipped with Air Clamps
  • Automatic Clamp Movement
  • Dual Zone Processing – Machine working in one zone while the operator is loading/unloading in the other zone
  • Automatic Waylube Lubrication System
  • Mist Lubrication System
  • Mitsubishi Servo Drives/Motors
  • X, Y, Z, A and C-axes are servo controlled

PMI-CNC S-Type 5-Axis Spec Sheet PMI-CNC S-Type 5-Axis – Spec Sheet