NHC-100M CNC Auto Miter (5.551 inch Cutting Capacity)

High-Speed Circular Vertical Tilt CNC Auto Miter


The massive saw head moves quickly and once in position, it is instantly locked and ready to begin sawing.

The Nishijimax NHC-100M is fully automatic, handling both left and right miter cuts. Material loss is greatly reduced to 2.5 mm (0.105″) kerf. CNC setup with high-speed circular sawing results in the most economical cost per cut. Set the blade RPM and chip load per tooth and the cut time is maintained by the CNC, servo motors, and ball screws.


Machine Weight – 13,228 lbs
Floor Space – 55.8 cu. ft.

    • Vertical tilt CNC miter saws any angles between 45 degrees left and right
    • Saw head feed via precision ball screw and 10 HP AC servo motor
    • 21 HP saw blade drive motor with infinitely variable blade RPM  32-115
    • The precision spindle is driven by a powerful gear reduction gearbox
    • Precision blade guides
    • Power-driven chip brush
    • Powder metal brake with brake torque of 10 kgm
    Sample Cuts

    Super smooth finish on the cut means fewer finishing processes.

    Cutting Range:

    0 Degrees – Max 4 inch H x 5.551 inch W
    0 Degrees – Min 3/4 inch H x 3/4 inch W
    45 Degree (0-45 Left/Right) 4 inch H x 4 inch W
    Cutting Length  2-¾ inch to 118 inch
    (1-inch min in manual mode)
    Trim Cut Length ½ inch to 4 inch
    Remnant Length 2-3/4 inch
    Supply Bar Length 12-24 ft

    Mitsubishi Q Series PLC

    Hydraulic Unloading Clamp

    This robust gripper feed will position the cut length quickly and accurately.

    Hydraulic Unloading Clamp

    The hydraulic unloading device will move the cut part to release into a bin or onto an exit conveyor.

    Hydraulic Unloading Clamp

    FREQROL inverter drive offers consistent torque throughout the RPM range.

    Power Drive Blade Brush

    Power drive blade brush cleans the teeth immediately after the teeth exit the cut to ensure the BEST saw blade life.