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The Structural Drill Lines of Danobat will dramatically increase the productivity of your steel fabrication shop.  The strong construction and high torque drill motors combined with the advanced software will allow your shop to produce more beams per day.

Danobat CP Range of Heavy Duty Fully Automatic Band Saw Machines - Structural Drilling Systems
Each machine can be equipped with the IntelliCut Software to increase parts per shift, decrease cutting cost and remove the operator from the decision making process regarding the use of the saw blade and the cutting rate. The IntelliCut software will reduce cutting times and increase blade life.
Vertical Plate Saw with two band wheel and moving table
Vertical Plate Saw with two band wheels and moving saw head
Vertical Plate Saw with three band wheels and horizontal and longitudinal cutting
Vertical Plate Saw with three band wheels with moving sawing head
The VP Vertical Plate Saw can be equipped with an automatic gripper system to position the plate to be cut to the desired width. The CNC control allows the operator to enter a batch to process an entire plate in automatic cycle.

Model T3CH 43 T3CH 104 T3CH 126
Width-Maximum 15-3/4 inch 40 in 48 in
Width- Minimum 3-1/8 inch 3-1/8 inch 3-1/8 inch
Height-Maximum 11-7/8 inch 15-3/4 inch 23-5/8 inch
Height-Minimum 1/4 inch 1/4 inch 1/4 inch
Thickness-Maximum 1-1/2 inch 1-1/2 inch 1-1/2 inch
Thickness-Minimum 1/4 inch 1/4 inch 1/4 inch
Work Height 28 inch 28 inch 35-7/8 inch
Motor Power 20 HP 20 HP 20 HP
RPM 0-2100 rpm 0-2100 rpm 0-2100 rpm
Feed Rate 1-720 mm/min 1-720 mm/min 1-720 mm/min
Spindles Per Drillhead 4 4 4 (6)
Tool Changing Auto Auto Auto
Tool Holder ISO 40 ISO 40 ISO 40
Vertical Clamp Force 4 x 1.5 ton 4 x 1.5 ton 4 x 1.5 ton
Horizontal Clamp Force 1 x 2.5 ton 1 x 2.5 ton 1 x 2.5 ton

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