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The CP Range of Danobat saws feature twin Prismatic guide columns. The main prismatic guide column travels on linear rails and linear bearings. The support prismatic guide column travels on free rollers. The result is a torsion free travel throughout the sawing range. The CP Range is available in capacities from 20 inch to 60 inch.

The CP machines are for sawing in demanding applications such as die forging; steel service centers; and heavy manufacturing operations. The Semi-Automatic CP models

can be equipped with material handling equipment designed for large work pieces. The Fully Automatic CP models are equipped with Hydraulic Gripper vise to position the material to the proper cut length. In addition, complete material handling will create a highly efficient sawing center.

Each machine can be equipped with the IntelliCut Software to increase parts per shift, decrease cutting cost and remove the operator from the decision making process regarding the use of the saw blade and the cutting rate.
Danobat CPI Saws
Model CPI 75DI CPI 105DI CPI 126DI
25-1/2 in 20-1/2 in 24-1/2
Cutting Capacity -
90 Deg
28 x 20 in 40 x 20 in 47-1/4 in x 23-1/2 in
Cutting Capacity -
+45 Deg
18 x 20 in 26 inx 20 in 31-1/2 in x 23-5/8 in
Cutting Capacity -
-60 Deg
12 x 20 in 18 in x 20 in 21-1/4 in x 23-5/8 in
Cutting Capacity -
28 in x 15-3/4 in 40 in x 15-3/4 in 47-1/4 in x 15-3/4 in
Band Length 21 ft 7 in 24 ft 9 in 27 ft 2 in
Band Width 1-5/8 in 2-1/8 in 2-1/8 in
Band Thickness 0.051 in 0.063 in 0.063 in
Saw Motor Power 8 HP 10.5 HP 10.5 HP
Band Tension Manual Hydraulic Hydraulic
Band Speed 60-520 FPM 60-520 FPM 60-520 FPM

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